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HTML To JavaScript Converter

Convert HTML Codes to JavaScript

Lots of people want to add their HTML codes inside the JavaScript program for displaying their web contents from JavaScript functions. If you want to add HTML codes inside the JavaScript program, you need to convert the normal HTML codes into the format that's suitable for JavaScript programs. We have a solution to do this conversion process.

We have published this tool for converting your html codes to JavaScript code format. It's a web based converter application so you don't need to install any extra things on your PC for converting your html codes. You can access this application from anywhere in the world if you have an Internet connection and a computer or laptop. Our tool is one of the fastest JavaScript converters in the world, the conversion will be completed in few seconds.

No more additional knowledge needed to use our HTML To JavaScript Converter, with a single click you can start the conversion. Copy-Paste or enter your HTML codes in the box displaying on this page. Then press Start to start the conversion. This conversion process will be completed in few seconds and you will get the JavaScript output in the same box.